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Guernsey - Features - Spotlight on West Papua

Spotlight on West Papua Ex-political prisoner Benny Wanda and Richard Samuelson from the Free West Papua Organisation were in Guernsey during September to highlight what's happening in West Papua.

Guernsey - Entertainment - We Want Freedom!

Benny was imprisoned in West Papua for taking part in peaceful protests calling for political change. He will also speak about the work of Free West Papua.
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News - Asia-Pacific - Three die in West Papua clashes

Three people have been killed in clashes in Indonesia's West Papua province after the island was divided into three new provinces.
26 Aug 2003

News - Asia-Pacific - Search for West Papua ambushers

Military accused One top human rights expert in West Papua, John Rumbiak, told the BBC's Jakarta correspondent Richard Galpin, he was convinced the Free Papua Movement was not behind the attack.
2 Sep 2002
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I have a right to | BBC World Service

Indigenous peoples in West Papua and Papua New Guinea speak some 15% of the world's known languages.

WW2 People's War - An Aussie “Loaner” with the British Pacific Fleet

In Papua New Guinea he undertook aerial survey duties flying from Australian Navy ships and rescues, including a spectacular rescue of a P40 Kittyhawk pilot from the jungles in West Papua New Guinea.

News - Business - Oil giant gets Indonesia warning

BP is told to avoid depending on Indonesia's army to protect a huge new gas field in West Papua, Indonesia.. The Tangguh project is located in the Bintuni Bay region of the Bird's Head area of Papua.
12 Mar 2003

Tribe - Bruce

BBC Two's Tribe series follows explorer Bruce Parry as he lives amongst and attempts to understand these remote islands of indigenous culture as the pressures of the modern world exceedingly encroach

Tribe - Bruce

On occasion, like with the Kombai of West Papua, the people are completely unaware of anything beyond their own borders.
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Radio 4 - Woman's Hour -Sabine Kuegler

On her jungle childhood. 19 May 2006 » Sabine Kuegler 21 Sep 2005 On her jungle childhood Sabine Kuegler grew up with a little-known tribe in a remote jungle area of West Papua in Indonesia and

Action Network - Cambridge City Amnesty International Group

Cambridge City Amnesty International Group - The Cambridge City group is involved with many campaigns including Human Rights in Burma (Myanmar), Israel and the Occup. New visitors: Returning members:

BBC NEWS | World Have Your Say | Our Contributors' Charter

World Have Your Say is a news programme first and foremost but it's the listeners who dictate the agenda. Our aim- and we know we won't always get this right- is to tap into what people are talking

News - Country profiles - Timeline: Indonesia

A chronology of key events. ~RS~r~RS~~RS~q~RS~~RS~z~RS~~RS~"/> Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 January 2008, 15:12 GMT Timeline: Indonesia A chronology of key events: 1670-1900 - Dutch colonists bring the
9 Jan 2008

News - Science/Nature - Forest protection: Local and global

Then finally, in 2005, Papua was the target for a big action by the government against illegal logging.
26 Nov 2007

News - Monitoring - Indonesian forces fire on crowd in Irian Jaya, scores wounded

Irian Jaya, which was taken over by Indonesia in 1963, borders on Papua New Guinea. Siagian said separatists had been flying the West Papua flag in Biak since Thursday.
6 Jul 1998

News - Archive - Indonesia on the brink

I do hope that there will be more freedom of speech so that other parts of Indonesia, such as West Papua and East Timor can have their say too.
2 Dec 1998

News - Forum - East Timor's Jose Ramos Horta

East Timor's Foreign Minister, the Nobel laureate Jose Ramos Horta, answered your questions in a live forum.. Wednesday, 12 June, 2002, 13:55 GMT 14:55 UK East Timor's Jose Ramos Horta Nobel peace
12 Jun 2002

News - UK - UK defence secretary answers your questions

News Online users question UK defence secretary George Robertson on the Kosovo crisis.. Wednesday, June 16, 1999 Published at 13:24 GMT 14:24 UK UK UK defence secretary answers your questions Put your
16 Jun 1999

News - Politics - Greens debate terror and Katrina

The internationally-flavoured event boasts speakers from Africa, Japan, and West Papua among others.
8 Sep 2005

News - In Pictures - Day in pictures

Papuans demonstrate in Indonesia's capital Jakarta to call for a referendum on independence for the province of West Papua.
24 Sep 2007

News - UK - A day in the life of the Green Party

Pamphlets are provided on everything from the situation in West Papua to the future of GM food.
9 Sep 2005

News - World - Pacific nations seek stability

Regional issues Delegates will also discuss the situation in West Papua.
27 Oct 2000

News - UK - A day in the life of the Green Party

Pamphlets are provided on everything from the situation in West Papua to the future of GM food.
9 Sep 2005

News - World - Pacific nations seek stability

Regional issues Delegates will also discuss the situation in West Papua.
27 Oct 2000

Sport - More Statistics - Under-19 World Cup

Fixtures, results and standings from the youth cricket showpiece in Bangladesh.. Last Updated: Sunday, 29 February, 2004, 15:52 GMT Under-19 World Cup Super League 22 February West Indies beat Sri
29 Feb 2004

Sport - Cricket - Scots reach U19 Plate semis

Scotland claim a Under-19 World Cup Plate semi-final place with win over Papua New Guinea..
26 Feb 2004

Sport - Cricket - Pakistan too good for Irish

On Wednesday in Group D, West Indies takes on Papua New Guinea.
17 Feb 2004
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h2g2 - Papua New Guinea

Created: 26th June 2000 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea is one of the most unique and diverse countries that can be found in the world.

News - Country profiles - Timeline: Papua New Guinea

The three seats reserved for the BRA remain vacant. 1996 - Theodore Miriong is assassinated at his home in south-west Bougainville.
14 Aug 2007

North West Wales Volunteering - David Stevens

Peggy Taylor Mr Emmanuel Tanda (Papua New Guinea) I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Papua New Guinea in April 2005.

News - Science/Nature - PNG rainforest 'in grave danger'

Most of the timber is exported to China, and is often turned into products for export to the West.
1 Mar 2006

North West Wales My Story - Life at sea

The interior of this island is still very primitive, almost Stone Age in some places, as are certain other areas of Papua New Guinea.


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