Why Tribal Democracy? - First, Based on My Personal Life Experience

Story One: From My Experience at the Churce

I have worked for various parties: (1) church services and organisations, even until the top (synod) level of the Evangelical Church of Irian Jaya (Gereja Injili Irian Jaya - GIIJ), which is now the Evangelical Church of Indonesia (Gereja Injili di Indonesia - GIDI). I was raised as a child and church goer from my childhood of GIIJ, an evangelical church in West Papua. When I was a teenager, I worked from the congregational level up to regional and synod level.

When I became a young man, I was then elected as the first young person to hold a synod level office of GIIJ. I was one of those who proposed the name-change from GIIJ to GIDI, remembering the work of GIIJ had spread to other islands and parts in Indonesia.

From these (to be continued...)

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